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Philips Masterline ES

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Philips Masterline ES


Philips Masterline ES MR16 EcoBoost halogen reflector lamps offer an energy saving alternative

to regular 12v halogen MR16 spotlights.

Switching to Philips Master Line ES lamps offers a 30% saving on energy

compared to regular halogen 12v MR16 halogen lamps.


Philips Master Line ES halogen EcoBoost lamps use IRC technology

this enables a lower wattage lamp to be used with no loss of light output.

Philips Master Line ES halogen spotlights are direct replacements for standard 12V MR16 Spotlights

there is no need to replace or change the transformer.

How does this work?

Its easy really, IRC = Infra Red Coating, the coating covers the capsule or burner insulating the lamp.

For the lamp to operate at its optimum it needs to be at a specific temperature.

As the lamp is insulated the power required to reach this temperature is now reduced

this is why a lower wattage can be used to achieve the same power output.

Which Philips Master Line ES Halogen EcoBoost lamp should I use?

Philips Master Line ES 20w = 12v 35w MR16 Halogen spotlight

Philips Master Line ES 30w = 12v 50w MR16 Halogen spotlight

Philips Master Line ES 35w = 12v 55w MR16 Halogen spotlight

Philips Master Line ES 45w = 12v 60w MR16 Halogen spotlight

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