How to avoid LED products that aren’t good enough

This week our very own Gerry Knowles was invited to join Alistair Ramsey, sustainable development manager at Legrand, Chris Davey, a technical service engineer from Osram, and John Gorse, the technical solutions manager at Philips lighting for the Voltimum Lighting Expert Panel discussion.

The topic for this discussion was around LED lamp safety and how end users can avoid products that aren’t good enough.

Just like Voltimum, the team here at General Lamps take great care on highlighting only top manufacturers and products on their website but, as the panel discuss, the ease and availability of LED products online means it’s harder for consumers to distinguish the good from the bad.

To ensure you’re not left disappointed with your LED lamps, the panel raise many useful points to consider.

Do you know the manufacturer/supplier of the lamp? Reputable companies will only produce or sell products that comply with standards and have gone through rigorous product safety testing.

Does the product come with a guarantee and if so what is it worth? If you get a 5 year guarantee but the seller you purchase from isn’t around 5 years later to honour it then it’s not much use. Guarantees are a great marketing tool for sellers but it’s always worth finding out the details of what the guarantee or warranty includes.

Is the product compatible with other equipment? This issue can be quite technical and is something the person in charge of the installation will need to answer. If the lamp is going in a dimmer is it compatible with that dimmer? If it’s being retrofitted will it work with the old control gear?

So listen to the podcast to find out more!

Need help with any of the concerns raise in this podcast? Here at General Lamps our team of experts can help you work through the different considerations to find the correct lamps for the job. Just give us a call on 01494 880099.