Lamp trends, like any other interior design feature, change over the years. One minute everyone is fighting over tall modern models and the next, they are all trying to get the latest fringed lampshade from their favourite interiors shop.

Next year is no different, with an eclectic mix of lamps on offer for those who love to update their home design regularly. Here are some of the top looks for floor lamps in 2020 that will leave your house feeling warm and cosy, as well as bang on trend.


1)      Dimmable lamps

If you share a house with other people, you might find everyone has different opinions when it comes how bright they want their lighting to be. Some people prefer an intense light in the evening, while others like a dimmed light to create a moody, romantic or cosy effect, particularly during the darker months.

The solution? Get your hands on lamps that allow users to dim the brightness to the desired level. Therefore, everyone can create bespoke lighting in the lounge, picking the brightness they prefer or that best suits the activity going on in the room at the time.

If you fancy a dimmable smart light, why not take a look here?


2)      Tripod lamps

According to the Sun, one of the biggest looks in the lamp world next year will be those with tripod stands. This retro trend is making a big comeback, adding a vintage feel to the room.

“A retro tripod floor lamp will never go out of style, and this design combines a wooden tripod base with beige linen to maximise the light transmitted,” the article stated.


3)      Copper lamps

Among the biggest interior design styles of the last couple of years has been the industrial look, with many on-trend homeowners updating their residence with Edison bulbs, metal bar stools, and exposed brickwork.

This trend does not appear to be going anywhere in 2020, so you can invest in an industrial-looking floor lamp with confidence because it is likely to remain popular for some years to come.

A copper floor lamp with a large round shade and an arch at the top could really add a unique element to your living room, helping to bring it into the 21st century without a huge investment.

There are many styles of copper lights available these days, whether you want a tall floor lamp or a shorter one for your nested tables.


4)      Up-lights

Those who have a limited amount of space in their room might want a lamp that can make it feel bigger. In this case, choosing a floor lamp with an up-light could be the ideal option.

Gideon Mendelson, founder of Mendelson Group in New York, recently told Mansion Global: “Up-lights bounce light off the ceiling and help to light bigger spaces.” By shining on to the ceiling, the entire room appears brighter – and therefore, bigger.

This is one of the reasons why this style of lamp is hugely popular, as many people want to create the illusion of space without having to fork out for a bigger house.