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Technical Corner - Fire Rating of LED Panels TPa/TPb

We have seen a shift in office lighting from a traditional 4 tube lay in panel with louvre to 600x600 LED Panels with a thermoplastic diffuser . A thermoplastic material is one that can be remoulded and becomes liquid in form when heated as opposed to a Thermosetting plastic that degrades when heated , a good example of a thermosetting resin is bakelite. LED Panels use thermoplastic diffusers to direct light from an LED Panel.

 600x600mm LED Panels are designed to fit into a grid ceiling and offer 50% saving in electricity when compared to a fluorescent tube and louvre set up.

 Fire safety part B mentions the use of thermoplastic materials and states that ceilings of rooms and circulation spaces may incorporate thermoplastic lighting diffusers but there are conditions.

When it is a requirement to comply with Fire safety Part B of the Building regulations 2 types of diffuser have been developed TPa and TPb to ensure the installation is compliant.

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Posted by: Gerry Knowles

New in: Integral LED Downlights

Integral downlightThe latest light fitting to join our growing range is Integral’s low profile integrated LED downlight. The downlight market is highly competitive so why have we chosen to stock this as our recommended model? The answer is simple, you get a quality product at a low price point. But don’t just take our word for it, let’s dig deeper into the true performance and features of this versatile LED downlight.

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31/08/2016 17:04

What is retrofit lighting?

Retrofit lightingThe phrase ‘retrofit lighting’ refers to the process of upgrading existing lighting, usually by replacing the light bulb, to improve its efficiency and performance. 

If a light bulb fails you have three choices:

  • Fit an exact replacement
  • Fit a retrofit replacement
  • Fit a complete new fixture

Read more to find out which option is best for you...

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directional halogen lamps

EC upholds decision to ban mains-voltage directional halogens

Back in 2009 the European Commission set an agenda to phase out inefficient light bulbs, encouraging the adoption of more energy efficient alternatives. The idea was that if a suitable, more energy efficient option is readily available then the old predecessor will be removed from the market so its use is phased out.  

In this article we discus the latest ban on directional halogen lamps.

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22/07/2016 16:50

How smart is smart lighting?

What is smart lighting?

smart lighting through appFor most of us, the lights we rely on around the home or at work have remained in the analogue world – They’re either on or they’re off and that’s the way it’s been for years. However, change is upon us and the lighting industry is starting to get creative with what technology can do for us.

Digital apps allow us to have very precise control over the colour and brightness of individual or multiple grouped lights. This includes the ability to save and recall scenes, programme on and off timers or use sensors or other inputs to initiate an action. For example, if a sensor doesn’t pick up movement in a room for 5 minutes, the lights automatically turn off.  

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Posted by: Calum Covell
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