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Quick lighting guides: Basic types of lighting

The three types of lightingThere are three main types of lighting; Ambient, Task and Accent. Used in different combinations they allow you to create practical environments so that each room works to your lifestyle and needs.

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Posted by: Calum Covell

18 May 2016 15:43:02

postcode lookupNew features on our website

This month our latest addition to Lamps-on-line is an address lookup tool. When you start typing your address into the form in the checkout it will provide a dropdown list of all possible addresses for you to select from.

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Posted by: Calum Covell

22 Mar 2016 16:00:29

Light and Build Frankfurt 13th – 18th March 2016

light + buildingWe have just returned from a week-long stay in Frankfurt Germany at Light and Build, the largest lighting exhibition in the world, where over 2,500 exhibitors and 216,000 visitors attend the exhibition that covers 6 halls at the Frankfurt Messe and takes over three days to cover. Light and Build is the place to be if you want to keep abreast of what’s happening and what’s going to happen in our industry.

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Posted by: Gerry Knowles

The smart home revolution is starting but are we ready?

LightwaveRF-appOver the last few years we’ve seen many new products aimed at turning your regular home into a house of the future. So why aren’t we all rushing to live in a sci-fi home?

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Posted by: Calum Covell

Could this be the upgrade incandescent light bulbs need?

incandescentRecently researchers from MIT have redesigned the filament, surrounding it with a coating which reflects back the heat that would normally be wasted but still lets through visible light. The effect of this is a reduction in the amount of electrical energy needed to heat the filament and make it glow.

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Posted by: Calum Covell
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