Does it comply?

Does it comply?

An industry initiative called ‘Does it comply?’ has been set up to make everyone from home owners to suppliers ask exactly that question, does it comply? The idea is to raise awareness about the potential risks of purchasing or installing non-compliant electrical products.

The initiative is supported by many electrical associations including the LIA (Lighting Industry Association) and Voltimum.

Explaining who is liable

By providing training and education the initiative aims to reduce the trade in non-compliant and counterfeit products. One of the steps towards this is to teach suppliers and contractors of the risks and legal liabilities they could face by distributing or installing these products.

Voltimum conducted a survey with over 900 installers and contractors and found that over 70% of respondents believed they’d seen non-compliant products in the market place!

As it is so quick and easy to buy products online, how can you be sure that they’re compliant?

For us, the answer is simple; we only stock products made by reputable manufacturers and our supply chain has been carefully vetted to ensure we’re supplying you with compliant, genuine products.              

Identifying compliant products

As well as provide training for suppliers and contractors, the website also has information on how to recognise a compliant product, like checking for the CE mark, and what to do if you find a non-compliant product.