Energy saving fluorescent lightbulbs are set to be popular in 2020 as more and more people focus on the growing need to be more eco-conscious in our homes.

Pinterest has identified that conscious consumption is set to be a major trend with people more keen than ever to live and consume in a way that minimises their environmental impact. While plastic and recycling have received a lot of attention in the past year, carbon emissions and energy are still a large part of our overall ecological footprint and need to be considered.


Solar light crafts

Searches for solar light crafts on Pinterest saw a 427% increase in the past year, which Pinterest thinks means it is due to be a major trend in 2020.

These solar light crafts are part of a push towards sustainable home decoration, but also the current focus on the home as a hub for work, play and relaxation, which is another major trend predicted for 2020.

The solar light crafts being discussed here are interesting and unique takes on outdoor lighting options that use solar energy to keep them powered up through an evening event.

DIY solar lanterns are proving popular and require solar light bulbs to be added to various crafts that pinners add ideas for to Pinterest.

Current trends suggest people are putting solar powered lights into anything from mason jars to make lanterns, through to strings of the lights being added to jars and containers for a starry, fairy-light look.


Smart lighting

As part of the conscious consumption trend expected to emerge even more strongly this year than ever, it is expected that smart lighting will also see a parallel surge in popularity.

Smart systems in homes use less electricity overall as they use constant feedback systems to decide whether a system should be on. This is a bit like a thermostat in a home, but for a range of other features, such as lighting.

Smart lights can be put on timers so they are on when you come home, and also so you can leave a light on to deter burglars without having to leave it on the WHOLE time.

They can also be controlled via a smart phone or other internet devices so that you can check whether or not you left a light bulb on and turn it off from your office, for example.


Energy saving bulbs

Energy saving bulbs are still a popular choice because they can save people so much money in energy bills in the long run. While energy saving bulbs were expensive for a long time, they have now dropped significantly in price and are much more affordable for many.

This means that the savings build up quicker, both financially and in carbon emissions.

We have a wide range of energy saving light bulbs for all of your various needs and even have smart lighting compliant bulbs which should be perfect for your needs if 2020 is the year you decide to finally make the switch to smart electronics.