Quick lighting guides: Hallway, Stairs and Landings

When you come home from a long day you’ll want the hallway to look inviting and welcome you into your home. Think warm and inviting instead of cold and clinical.

If your hallway feels long and thin then try to fill it with as much light as possible as this will help create a sense of space. Mirrors are a great way of reflecting light along the corridors if you don’t have the option to add wall lights. Alternatively, if you have a table, a table lamp will help add to the warm ambient lighting.

Depending on the height of your ceilings, a pendant light hanging down may make the room feel cluttered, so instead you could use flush or semi-flush fittings. Semi flush fittings come in many different styles from modern to traditional, see the examples below:

semi-flush fittings

It’s also good to think practically about the type of lights we use as hallway lights are often left on for long periods. Energy saving options could save you a lot of money in the long run. Using a dimmer switch can be useful if you want to leave a landing light on all night without it being blindingly bright.

Make sure your stairs are well lit. To do this place your main light at the top of the stairs in the landing rather than the bottom. Strong lighting at the bottom of the stairs can create dangerous shadows.

3 key takeaways

  • Ensure a warm white coloured light bulbs are used. We’d recommend something at 2700 kelvin (the colour of halogen and some LED lamps)
  • Choose LED bulbs and use dimmer switches so lights can be used for long periods without using too much electricity
  • Use mirrors to help create a sense of space