If you’re planning to revamp your bedroom in the coming months, make sure you don’t forget to pay attention to the lighting solutions you’re choosing. In fact, switching up your bedroom lighting could have more of an impact than you may imagine on its appearance - not to mention help make it an environment that’s conducive to sleep.

But where do you start with designing bedroom lighting? A recent post for Better Homes and Gardens offered some advice.

The news provider pointed out that one of the things that can make getting lighting in this part of the home right is the fact that it’s used for so many tasks. As well as being where you sleep and relax, it’s also the room most of us use for getting dressed and grooming ourselves.

That means you need a combination of types of lighting to ensure that you can comfortably use your bedroom in the ways you need to.

Most of us have a bedside table and a lamp is a staple. These are great additional light sources that are in easy reach (unlike the main light) and that provide enough illumination that we’re able to read in bed.

A top tip for choosing your bedside lamp is to pick one that’s in proportion with your bedside table. That means if you only have a small bedside table, choose a lamp that’s on the little side.

If space is at a premium and you’d rather not have a lamp taking up all the room on your bedside table, consider investing in stylish wall lamps instead. These can serve exactly the same purpose, the only difference being that they’re mounted on the wall freeing up that all important bedside table space.

Or you could opt for floor lamps instead. These can provide a pop of colour with their shades, or introduce a specific design element, all while lighting up your space.

If you position them carefully behind bedside tables (depending on the space you have available) they can double as a bedside lamp too.

The news provider also described bed head lighting as a “clever, contemporary solution”. This involves having lights, usually spotlights, fitted into the construction of your headboard. It’s a neat solution to bedside lighting and one that can look particularly stylish when it’s done well.

For a touch of luxury in your bedroom, consider hanging a chandelier on your main light fitting. This will draw focus in the room and certainly make your bedroom feel like an indulgent place to spend time.

Think carefully about the type of bulbs you’ll be using as well. The news provider stated: “Energy-efficient LED lighting has taken bedroom lighting to the next level with both bulbs and strip lighting providing endless applications to create mood.”

This just goes to show that LED fittings have a place in your bedroom too, and given their energy-saving credentials, as well as the options for customisation, they’re certainly worth exploring.

An article for Real Homes recently noted that we often feel better if we decorate our homes to suit the current season. When it comes to the bedroom, the news provider stressed that lighting is essential. As well as taking the time to find the right bedside lighting, it recommends choosing a ceiling light that will “look just as good off as it does on”.