Ledvance Osram – What’s going on?

Osram is one of the biggest brands in the lighting industry, and many of you will already be familiar with their wide range of lamps and more recently LED luminaries. We’ve been dealing with them for many years and regularly recommend their products to our customers, so we were a little concerned when we heard they were going to separate the lamp division of their business.

Luckily when Gerry was at the Light + Building trade show in Frankfurt earlier this year he was able to stop by the Osram stand to find out more.  

In July 2016 the Osram lamp division will be legally separated from the main business to continue under its new name, Ledvance.

It appears the main reason for the split it to allow the lamp division to become more flexible in the face of developing technologies. I imagine the company want to make sure they’re able to get in the mix of prime manufacturers for the smart home and Li-Fi opportunities that are looming on the horizon. 

In actual fact for us very little will change apart from the name. Ledvance will continue with the current Osram lamp range and expand on it. This will include growing their range of LED luminaries and smart home technology. 

Here's what the new company structure looks like:

Ledvance structure