New in: LED Floodlights

driveway floodlight

Our low cost range of LED floodlights provide a great energy saving alternative to old halogen floods. Now that LED technology has a comparable upfront cost to halogen the savings created over its working lifetime from their low energy usage provide an excellent argument for your next flood light to use LED technology.

Our range starts with a 10W version which gives the equivalent light output to a 100W halogen and continues up to a 50W version the equivalent of a 500W halogen.

All of the range have an IP rating of 65 which means they are suitable for outside use.

with and without PIRThe 10W and 20W version are perfectly suited to lighting gardens, driveways and small open spaces, while the 30W and 50W versions are more appropriate for lighting the outside of small industrial units or car parks.

Each wattage we offer; 10W, 20W, 30W and 50W are available with and without a PIR sensor. Those with a PIR sensor have controls to adjust the sensor’s sensitivity and the time the light stays on for when activated. Those without a sensor are simply mains controlled on or off and have a slimline design.

Please note the PIR versions do not have the option to be switched permanently on.

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