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LED Panels or Fluorescent Tubes? Which to Choose

LED panel This article demonstrates the calculations you would need to do to work out the return on investment for buying LED.

In this example we review whether or not it is cost effective to upgrade your fluorescent ceiling lights to LED panels. 

Assuming the room was already using fluorescent lights, I compare the cost of replacing all of the tubes with the cost of fitting new LED panels.

The LED panels are more expensive but gradually their lower energy bills payback the upfront investment. Once this is reached the rest of the panels’ life gives you a cost saving.

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Posted by: Calum Covell

directional halogen lamps

EC upholds decision to ban mains-voltage directional halogens

Back in 2009 the European Commission set an agenda to phase out inefficient light bulbs, encouraging the adoption of more energy efficient alternatives. The idea was that if a suitable, more energy efficient option is readily available then the old predecessor will be removed from the market so its use is phased out.  

In this article we discus the latest ban on directional halogen lamps.

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Posted by: Calum Covell

22 Jul 2016 16:50:33

How smart is smart lighting?

What is smart lighting?

smart lighting through appFor most of us, the lights we rely on around the home or at work have remained in the analogue world – They’re either on or they’re off and that’s the way it’s been for years. However, change is upon us and the lighting industry is starting to get creative with what technology can do for us.

Digital apps allow us to have very precise control over the colour and brightness of individual or multiple grouped lights. This includes the ability to save and recall scenes, programme on and off timers or use sensors or other inputs to initiate an action. For example, if a sensor doesn’t pick up movement in a room for 5 minutes, the lights automatically turn off.  

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Osram Ledvance

Ledvance Osram – What’s going on?

Osram is one of the biggest brands in the lighting industry, and many of you will already be familiar with their wide range of lamps and more recently LED luminaries. We’ve been dealing with them for many years and regularly recommend their products to our customers, so we were a little concerned when we heard they were going to separate the lamp division of their business.

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E10, E12 and E14 bulbs – what’s the difference?

e14 lamp holderWhen you shop for bulbs online and you’re comparing a product image on the computer screen to the old bulb you have in your hand, it’s hard to tell if the screw or bayonet cap is the right size. This is made even worse with small screw caps where there are only a few millimetres difference between the sizes.

But don’t worry, once you know what the cap types mean, and with the aid of your trusty tape measure or ruler, you can be confident you’ll order the right bulb every time.

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Posted by: Calum Covell
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