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Energy Saving Halogen Bulbs

Energy Saving Halogen Bulbs

Energy Saving Halogen Bulbs


Energy saving Halogen bulbs are an ideal choice to replace a regular household incandescent lamp.

Energy efficient halogen bulbs offer a 30% saving in electricity, double the life of a standard household bulb and give the crisp, sharp light that is associated with halogen lightbulbs. Compared to other energy saving alternatives, energy saving halogen lightbulbs are identical in size to the lightbulb that they are replacing,
they can be dimmed and illuminate at full brightness when switched on.


Halogen lightbulbs are 30% brighter than a standard household bulb.

The halogen gas inside the burner enables the tungsten filament to be burnt at a higher temperature. This gives the halogen bulb a higher light output than an incandescent household lightbulb. Lamp manufacturers have developed ranges of halogen lightbulbs with a reduced wattage, that have comparable light outputs to
their household incandescent equivalents.

The halogen gas inside the burner combines with the tungsten that has burnt off the filament, and forms a tungsten halide. This is then deposited back onto the filament which means that the filament lasts longer, twice as long in fact!

Which energy saving halogen lightbulb should I use?

  • 18w low energy halogen = 25w incandescent household lightbulb
  • 28w low energy halogen = 40w incandescent household lightbulb
  • 42w low energy halogen = 60w incandescent household lightbulb
  • 70w low energy halogen = 100w incandescent household lightbulb
  • 105w low energy halogen = 150w incandescent household lightbulb
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