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HID Discharge Lamps

HID Discharge Lamps

HID Discharge Lamps

.Low Wattage Metal Halide

For use in small area floodlighting and downlighting in retail environments. We supply quartz lamps as well as ceramic discharge lamps in both single ended and double ended versions. We also offer Philips white SON SDWT and Sylvania Britespot lamps.

Metal Halide 250w-400w

This range of lamps is ideal for larger floodlighting applications such as car parks, indoor sports centres and warehouses.

Metal Halide 1000w-2000w

High wattage metal halide lamps are used almost exclusively for floodlighting of sports stadiums . The brands we supply are:

Osram HQI-TS

Philips MHN-TD


High pressure sodium SON

SON lamps are used in the same applications as metal halide lamps. They have a higher lumen output when compared to their equivalents but don’t offer the same quality of light (colour rendition). We do supply Metal halide lamps that are direct replacements for high pressure sodium lamps, please speak to a member of our sales team for further advice.

Low pressure sodium SOX

SOX lamps are used primarily for street lighting, they offer the highest lumen output per watt of all the discharge lamps we offer but are yellow in appearance.Whilst the lumen output is the most efficient out of all the discharge lamps we supply the quality of light (colour rendering) is not as good as other discharge lamps.

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