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Fluorescent Tubes

Fluorescent Tubes

Fluorescent Tubes

Browse our range of fluorescent tubes. We keep the following brands

Osram Lumilux

GE Polylux

Philips Master TL-D

Sylvania Luxline

We stock a comprehensive range of T2,T5,T8 and T12 Fluorescent tubes to cover all applications. Fluorescent tubes offer an excellent long life energy saving solution for all lighting applications.

Useful Tip - T2,T5,T8,T12 refers to the diameter of the tube and is measured in eigths of an inch . As an example a T8 tube is 8/8 of an inch which is 1" in diameter or 25mm

T2 - 6.35mm diameter

T5- 16mm diameter

T8 - 25mm diameter

T12 - 38mm diameter 

Things to consider when selecting a fluorescent tube

1) Colour temperature

Colour temperature or colour appearence refers to the shade of white of the fluorescent tube. The colour temperature that you select should match the application that it is being used in. The following guide should hopefully help with your selection of fluorescent tube. 

To see our handy guide to colour apperence please click here

Very warm white - 827 2700K this is ideal if you are trying to create a very comfrortable warm appearence perhaps in a cozy pub or restaurant.

Warm White - 830 3000K creates a comfortable atmoshpere this is the standard colour used in a home 

White - 835 3500K a standard general purpose colour temperature usually used if the appearence does not have to be specific

Cool White - 840 4000K this gives a cool appearence. It is suited to hospitals , schools and offices it give a sharper cleaner appearence to a room or building

Daylight 860 or 865 6500K this gives a colour appearence that matches daylight at midday and is designed to replicate the type of light that is experienced when outside.  This has become widely used in offices and for the treatment of seasonally affected disorder. 

2) Colour rendition

Colour rendition is the ability of a light source to identify different colours and can be considered as the quality of light. It is measured on a scale from 0 -100. A rendition of 0 being poor and 100 being perfect. A colour rendering index of 1 would be monochromatic light Blue, Red , Green etc. A rendering index of 100 would be natural sunlight.

Fluorescent tubes come in three categories

50-55 Ra

80-85 Ra

90-95 Ra

For most applications 80ra is fine . Colour 95 is used in applications when it is important to be able to define colours precisely , examples being when filming  checking textiles for colour quality or any other colour matching applications.

Its easy to identify the lamp that you have by its coding. They are usually marked with a three digit code 827,830,835,840,865. The first digit refers to the colour rendering index and the second three digits to the colour appearence. 

As an example


8 = 80 ra 

35 = 3500K

So this lamp is white in appearence and has a rendering of 80 ie 80% colour correct  

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