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G9 Capsule

G9 Capsule

G9 Capsule

Our Range of G9 Halogen Capsule lamps are clear, dimmable, robust and ideal for accent lighting
applications. The lamps are also instant start-ups, meaning you don't have to wait for them to warm up. 

Previously G9 halogens were made in the following wattages but, due to European legislation, more energy
efficient equivalents are replacing them:

New Vs Old Wattage 
18w = 25w
28w = 40w
33w = 40w
42w = 60w
53w = 75w

For Osram Halopin Eco G9 IRC lamps
20w = 25w
33w = 40w
48w = 60w
60w = 75w

The newer versions offer the same level of brightness but use less energy. They also have the same,
long 2000 hour life.

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