If you’ve been searching for that perfect piece to really show your decorative filament bulbs off at their best, then you could certainly do an awful lot worse than invest in a marble lamp or two.

This is one of the biggest trends to have emerged in the world of interiors over the last few weeks and it truly is a brilliant way of making your home look high end without splashing too much cash.

Yes, you could go all out with marble floors and countertops, but that really would be quite an expensive endeavour. However, the good news is that you can get the look for a lot less by investing in smaller pieces like lamps, statues and other home decor pieces.

As a material, marble is relatively easy to maintain but it can become discoloured so you might want to make sure you clean it on a regular basis. It’s a heavy and brittle stone, so you will need to handle your items carefully or they could break.

Also be aware that marble can be damaged if you expose it to strong alkalis or acids, so do your best to keep the likes of wine, vinegar and lemon juice well away.

The V&A Museum has some tips to help you clean your marble, advising that for a basic clean something like purified water and non-ionic detergent, or white spirit can get the job done quickly and easily.

You might find that liquid cleaning isn’t the best option, however, and in this case something like Groomstick would be better, a natural rubber product free from chemicals and solvents.