When it comes to creating that warm, comforting lighting effect for the dark and cold winter nights, not much can beat the beauty of the Edison lightbulb. Whether you want a vintage glow, or a retro steampunk style, the exposed filament bulbs are a choice that will add a centrepiece to any new light installation.

Aside from the soft, orange, candle-like vintage glow of the Edison bulb, they’re a design feature in themselves, often used as a bare bulb without any shades. Paired with a dimmer switch and elegant light fittings, they can bring mood lighting to any room.

Unlike ordinary lightbulbs, Edison bulbs have a more exposed filament, which is remarkably decorative, and comes in a variety of styles. They have become very popular in cafes, bars, and hotels, and they are incredibly versatile for the home, creating an edge of vintage industrial design chic.

The popularity of the Edison bulb has meant that they are not prohibitively expensive, and you can make a stylish statement with your lighting design without breaking the bank. The variety of shapes and sizes, plus the “squirrel cage” filament make a striking statement, even when the lights are turned off.

The bulbs are effortless minimal in design, and can be paired with virtually any style of light fitting, and suitable for any room. Create a pendant or a chandelier for the dining room, or a cosy atmosphere in the bedroom. Place them around a mirror for an antique vanity mirror style, or create a stylish desk lamp for the study.

The standard screw cap fitting (E27) means that there are so many possibilities for fittings and styles, whether you want to create a table centrepiece lamp, pendants and chandeliers hung from the ceiling over the dining table, a striking arrangement in your lounge, or many varied wall fittings.

Why not take the same industrial chic outdoors? Illuminate your garden or patio with hung strings of bulbs, and go all out for a special occasion for those warm summer evening garden parties. Make a feature wall for an Instagram friendly backdrop for birthdays and anniversaries. The bulbs make excellent props for all photography and portraits, get creative!

They are such an easy and effortless way to create a whole new ambiance to whatever space you need to illuminate, and will certainly never go unnoticed by friends and visitors. So stop admiring those installations in your favourite bars and restaurants, and transform your own space with vintage industrial lighting.

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