When it comes to specialist light bulbs, there are so many choices these days, from ultra-violet to energy-saving ones. However, one of the most useful types of light bulb to get your hands on has to be smart bulbs.

Being able to control your light settings from your mobile phone or tablet means you no longer have to be in the room, or even in the house, to turn the bulbs on and off. Indeed, you can make adjustments to your light settings wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection. As a result of this, there are a number of benefits to smart lighting, most notably how it provides extra security for your home.


1)      Home security

One of the bonuses of this form of smart technology means you can turn your lights on and off even if you are on holiday. Therefore, instead of leaving your lights turned off the entire time you are away, you can fool any prospective thief into thinking people are still in the house by switching on bulbs at different times every day.

This will deter burglars who are keeping a watch on your property, so you can have peace of mind when you are on your vacation and do not have to worry about the safety of your home during your time off.


2)      Money saving

Another advantage is that they can save homeowners money, as you can make sure all the lights are turned off even when you are not in the house. By checking on your handheld device if there are any lights left on and turning them off remotely, you don’t have to waste money paying for light that no one is using when the house is empty.

In addition to this, smart light bulbs are more energy-efficient, meaning you can dramatically reduce your electricity bills. Not only do they use less energy, but you can also lower the voltage through its dimmer function, thereby reducing power and making the bulb last longer.


3)      Customisation

One of the most popular reasons for swapping traditional light bulbs for smart ones is they enable homeowners to have personalised lighting options in their house.

For instance, they can pre-set their bulbs to be on when they arrive, making their house feel more homely and welcoming when they set foot through the door after a day at work. Additionally, you can dim your bulbs in the evening to create a more relaxed atmosphere in the house instead of having bright lights on.

A more playful benefit of smart light bulbs is that you can change their colour to any that you fancy. Instead of having to stick to a plain white light, you can choose from a huge array of colours, depending on what you want at the time.

For instance, you can put on a bright purple light to create a fun atmosphere for a party; you could opt for a strong orange shade for Halloween; and add a festive touch to your home with a green light on Christmas Day.

Alternatively, you could simply choose a colour that would complement your décor and wall art, which would save you lots of money in the long-run having to redecorate.